Collagen Induction Therapy DermaPen or Microneedling for Skin

Face with skinpen

You must have heard about the term “DermaPen” and it’s growing popularity on the market.  What is DermaPen exactly and why all celebrities use it?

What is DermaPen?

It is a collagen induction therapy (CIT), which is also known as micro-needling. It can treat very difficult areas: skin laxity, aging skin, sun damage, and scarring with relatively little downtime.

As an anti-aging device that is non-surgical, Collagen Induction Therapy (Dermapen Microneedling) is an effective and sought-after treatment that can rejuvenate the skin and reduce prior scars from surgery, acne or stretch marks. It can be used nearly anywhere on the face and body.

Needles vary in the type of medal they are created from: some are actual gold covered, and some are insulated and non-insulated.

“Microneedling pens” are typically powered by a motor and can be adjusted for FREQUENCY (stamps per second) and DEPTH of the micro-needles.

In NE Laser Vein Institute we offer the best DermaPen that is currently on the market, along with our very experienced and skilled aestheticians.

How Microneedling or Dermapen works?

It might sound a little scary, but in the right hands of a fully-qualified and experienced Skin Clinician or Aesthetic Physician (such as our aestheticians in North East Laser Vein Institute), it is one of the most effective ways to get the skin renewal cycle to generate stronger collagen and healthier, firmer looking skin.

In a typical micro-needling treatment the needle depths are anywhere from 0.5mm down to 3.5mm (typically changed in increments of 0.1mm to 0.25mm or 0.5mm depending on the device and how it operates.

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